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    Ultimately, the goal of a quality PE program is to inspire children to live an active and healthy life by teaching the knowledge and skills related to physical activity, fitness and nutrition. A successful elementary physical education curriculum also offers opportunities for children to experience success and challenge in a variety of areas, regardless of age or skill level.

    Ms. Jeannie Bastasch
    Greenwood Physical Education Teacher

    Seattle Physical Education

    The Seattle Physical Education department uses a curriculum called “Five for Life.” The number “five” refers to the five components of fitness: cardio-respiratory endurance; muscular endurance; muscular strength; flexibility; and body composition. “Five for Life” also includes units about nutrition, the muscular and skeletal body systems, and heart health. Ms. Bastasch also teaches a unit about the circulatory system and the digestive system and all of these health and fitness concepts are integrated into active lessons and even obstacle courses!