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    Family Survey Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I view the reports?

    This 4-minute YouTube video provides a quick overview of the reports and how to use the Panorama website.

    Watch video on YouTube

    Survey Reports from previous school years on Panorama Education

    Are my responses confidential?

    Yes. Responses are confidential, which means that your responses will never be reported in groups smaller than 10 or linked back to personally-identifiable information. Survey results are reported in aggregate to school and district leadership.

    Who can take the survey?

    Any adult family member of a K-12 student’s household can take the survey. We encourage the adult in the household who is most knowledgeable about his or her child’s education to complete the survey, or you may wish to complete it together as a family.

    How many times can I take the survey?

    Each household can complete one survey per school where they have a child enrolled.  Households with children enrolled in the elementary grade levels (K-5) and middle school grade levels (6-8) of a K-8 school will receive two surveys for that school (elementary and middle school level surveys).

    What if I have more than one child at a school?

    We ask that you respond to the survey thinking about your experiences at the school as a whole. The Family Survey now includes an open-ended question, where you can note any important differences between children in different grade levels at the same school.

    What email address is used to send out the survey?

    The email address on file with the school in PowerSchool as of March 18 is used to send out the survey. Any guardian associated with a child (or other contact who has been designated to receive a copy of correspondence) will receive a survey link.

    What if I don’t have an email address?

    All households without an email address on file with their school will receive a mailed paper survey to the student mailing address on file. Households without a contact who speaks English will also receive a mailed paper survey. The paper survey will come with a postage-paid, addressed return envelope to Panorama Education, our paper survey vendor.

    What languages are available for the survey?

    The Family Survey is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Somali, and Tagalog.

    In what language will I receive the survey?

    Emails are sent in the language on file for each contact. Paper surveys are sent in the language on file for the primary contact associated with the youngest child at a school, since this information is typically most accurate.

    What if I would like to take the survey in a language other than the language I received?

    Through the email survey, you can select one of the other five languages when you begin the survey. We do not currently have the ability to send out new paper surveys on-demand, but each paper survey comes with a cover letter, including a web link and login code. From any computer or smartphone, you can login to that survey using your code and select the survey in any of the six languages. Email if you lost your code or need support.

    How was the survey developed?

    Many of the items for the Family Survey were adapted from the Road Map Family Engagement Survey, developed for and by a variety of districts, community organizations, funders, and community leaders with the Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Project at the University of Washington. Other items have been added or modified based on feedback from a variety of stakeholders, including staff and parents. 

    What if I have additional feedback I would like to provide?

    The first person to help resolve your concerns is your child’s teacher. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the next person to discuss your concerns with is your school’s assistant principal/principal. When a school-based concern cannot be resolved at the school level, the next step is to contact the principal’s supervisor, his/her director of schools or program director.

    If you have a district-based concern or general feedback, you reach the Office of Public Affairs at any time at The Communications and Public Affairs teams will triage the concern or question(s) and make sure you receive a response. Finally, you are always welcome to contact the School Board at with general feedback or concerns.