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    Ms. Carlson-Brazil

    Greenwood is lucky to have a full-time Art teacher, Linda Carlson-Brazil. Students enjoy two to three Art classes each week. The goal in Art is to challenge children and expand learning using a variety of materials, supplies, exposure to artists and connections with literacy, science and math. Students learn how to edit, critique and self evaluate their art.

    Design Elements and Principles

    The curriculum in the Art room focuses on the elements and principles of design. The students learn how to recognize and use each.

    Elements of Design

    LINE: Type-direction and quality-appearance

    SHAPE: Organic and free form and geometric

    COLOR: Primary, secondary, analogous, complementary, cool, warm and monochromatic

    VALUE: Tints and shades, light and dark

    FORM: 3-D having length, width and height, viewed from many sides

    TEXTURE: Actual/implied, stippling/hatching, scribbling/broken lines

    SPACE: Foreground, background, middle ground, horizon line, positive/occupied, negative, overlapping

    Principles of Organization

    BALANCE: Asymmetrical, symmetrical, radial

    CONTRAST: Smooth/rough, heavy/light, thick/thin

    EMPHASIS: Importance given to certain objects or areas

    MOVEMENT: Draws viewer’s eye through an artwork

    PATTERN: Repetition and organized

    RHYTHM: Repeated elements to create movement, alternating, random, regular

    UNITY: Combination of elements to create wholeness pulls together

    Featured Artists

    Some of the artists the students explore include:

    Eric Carle


    Jan Brett

    Van Gogh



    Laurel Burch


    Visual Art Report Card

    To learn more about the Visual Art Report Card Standards by Grade, click