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    Volunteering at Greenwood Elementary

    Welcome to the Greenwood Elementary Volunteer page! Thank you for considering volunteering. Over the course of the school year, there will be many opportunities, both large and small, to make a meaningful, positive impact on our school community.

    You may get started in several ways:

    • Contact the volunteer committee at We'd be happy to answer any questions or talk to you about volunteering.
    • Connect with the primary volunteer contact for a specific event (see list below)
    • If you are a parent, speak with your child’s teacher about any classroom-based volunteering opportunities they have coming up.

    Volunteer Requirements

    Every individual who volunteers at Greenwood Elementary needs to complete:

    Volunteer Contact Information:

    Presidents: Jen Ashe & Michelle Peters (
    Secretary: Brooke Van Eyk & Susanne Johnson (
    Treasurer: Brian Moynihan & Michael Brotchner (
    Events: Jessica Cohen & Bonnie Keung (
    Membership: Karla Rava & Ryan Bishman (
    Communications: Jessie Conta & Michelle Peters (
    WeeBee: Michelle Peters (
    Community Outreach: Mark Mazzola & Bethany Benson (
    Fundraising: Cynthia Kemp & MJ LeBlanc (
    Legislative Affairs: John Freeman & Heather Kelly (
    Volunteer Coordinators: Ingrid Golosman & Anna Harper (
    Equity Committee: Dana Nickleach & Jana Martinez (
    At-Large Position (Committee Liaison): Christi Steinburg (

    Auction: Deborah Frieze & Brooke Van Eyk (
    Apparel Coordinator: Stephanie Malaki (
    Jog-A-Thon: Lisa Vanderford Anderson, Venicia Johnson, & Monique Burton (
    Direct Appeal: Lara Zahaba, Gail Lau, and Deborah Frieze (
    Fundraising Sign-Ups: Deborah Frieze & Lisa Vanderford Anderson (

    Art, Music & Movement (Dance with Chris, Instrumental, Vocal): Lisa Vanderford Anderson  (
    Graphic Design: Michelle Peters & Jessie Conta (
    Musical Theater: Christi Steinburg (
    Drama: Courtney Day (
    Back Stage Crew: Julie Kennedy (
    Reflections Art Coordinator: Caroline Bundy Fichter & Holly Iosso (
    Afterschool Enrichment (Clubs) Cooridnator: Carolin Leiman (
    Building Leadership Team (BLT): Stephanie Malaki & Kelli McDole (
    Family Connections: Erin Richardson (
    Safety Committee: Liv Ferris & Michelle Wallar Martin (
    STEM Committee: Math Night, Science Fair: Kim Kotovic & Michelle Wallar Martin (
    Kindergarten Task Force: Kate Bereson & Theresa Glatstein (
    Technology/AV: Brian Moynihan & Keith Bubach (
    Yearbook: Jen Ashe & Lisa Vanderford Anderson (
    Movie Night: Venicia Allen-Johnson & Max Raveloson (
    Planet Grenwood: Lori Cohen, Rosanna Perry Stephenson, & Venicia Allen-Johnson (
    Spelling Bee: Liv Farris (
    Field Day: Kim Cross, Clair Yoder, & Tonya Meehan (
    Garden: Julie Kennedy (
    Fifth Grade Graduation & Party: Courtney Day (

    Ryan Bishman

    Venicia Allen-Johnson

    Venicia Allen-Johnson