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    Thank you for your interest in the Greenwood Elementary PTA.

    Our mission is to support a vibrant Greenwood Elementary community that provides stimulating enjoyable and participatory experiences that enrich the lives of every Greenwood student.

    Our role within the school is to:

    1. support the teachers/staff.
    2. provide funds for many different events, educational support, music, and teacher support that ultimately benefits our students.
    3. support our students and their families.
    4. work with and support local businesses.
    5. be environmental stewards.

    The PTA funds many important and crucial programs such as tutoring, counseling, small-group instructional support and advanced learning, as well as family support services for those families in need. We also fund music instruction, music and movement, hip hop, special assemblies, field trips, teacher grants and allowances, library support, PE equipment and before- and after-school clubs that benefit the entire school. 

    Our major three fundraisers are:

    Get involved today with volunteer work and/or fundraising!

    Make a Donation

    Become a Member!

    We want you to become an active member of the PTA. This isn’t your typical PTA, though! Even though we take our role seriously, we realize everyone is a volunteer, so having fun is important to us parents, too! There is no volunteer effort that is too small. Go to: and Register/Login. Note, if you had an account last year, you can use the same login information.

    Please contact with comments or questions!

    Watch a video:

    Let Your Voice Be Heard

    If you have suggestions, comments, rants or raves, please contact your PTA Co-Presidents (

    Have an Idea?

    The PTA also has a budget for one-time projects that can help our school and our students. If you can think of one-time expenses that can help Greenwood and its students, contact ( the PTA!

    In addition, the PTA has designated a fund for Community Grants. This money is available for small projects and materials that were not identified when the budget was constructed in the spring. In the past, such funds have supported projects such as the “self-help” crossing flags at nearby intersections and cubby boxes for a classroom.

    We encourage anyone with a small project to apply for funding ( All members of the school community (parents, teachers, staff and students) can apply for these grants. Proposals are accepted throughout the year, so long as funds remain in the community-grants “pot.” All proposals are subject to approval by the PTA Board. To make a request, submit it to the PTA president or treasurer at least one week before a board meeting. Board meetings are held monthly, and meeting dates are posted on the school’s online calendar. We require that you submit the proposal in writing or electronically, as well as verbally, so there is a record of the proposal.

    If your request is approved, we expect you to fulfill it in the current year – typically funds are not held over for future school years.

    Standing Rules and Amendments

    The standing rules and amendments govern how the Greenwood PTA handles meetings and issues throughout the year.