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    Budget Pie


    2017-18 Budget Expenses Greenwood Elementary PTA

    Staffing, $70,990, 45%
    Teachers/Classroom, $36,166, 23%
    Art/Music & Movement, $18,200, 12%
    Enrichment, $12,600, 8%
    Family Support, $15,200, 10%
    PTA Operation, $4,670, 3%

    2017-2018 Budget Detail

    Budget Details

    For questions or to see a complete budget breakdown, please contact the PTA treasurers at

    Disclaimer: The above documents are not ADA accessible; if you need further assistance contact


    The PTA begins to shape its budget for the coming school year in March and finalizes the process in the budget review meeting in early May.

    To submit a budget request, submit a request which includes:

    • a description of the project, materials, equipment or event.

    • the goal of the request, how it will benefit the school community and which community members (students, staff, parents or a specific group of one or more of these) will be served.

    • the exact amount of money being requested.

    • any other possible sources of income, such as fundraising or grants, that might offset the cost of the item.

    To join the budget committee or submit a budget request, please contact the budget committee (