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    Greenwood Elementary PTA General Meeting
    Meeting Date:  June 7, 2016

    Date, Time, Location:
    June 7, 2016
    Greenwood Elementary School Library

    Meeting Type:
    General Meeting

    Call to order:
    6:39 pm

    Approval of Minutes:
    Approved general meeting minutes from 5/12/16

    Yarek R.

    Crista S.

    Approximately 21 from the Greenwood community


    • June 20th, 2016 next Board meeting

    Field Day

    • June 17, 2016 Field Day
    • Volunteers requested to sign up


    • Final WeeBee on 6/23/16, please submit items if you have any.

    Fred Meyer

    • Each school year families need to re-enroll in Fred Meyer rewards for Greenwood to get the credit. 


    • Consider increasing price of Yearbook for upcoming years as a fundraiser option.
    • Shelley working on correcting yearbook contract.

    2016-2017 PTA Board Nominees

    • Presidents: Margaret Peterson and Lisa Vanderford-Anderson
    • Secretary: Miranda Meyer and Wendy Price
    • Co-treasurers: Courtney Day and Brooke Van Eyk
      Motion to approve Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers as a slate of nominees: Approved
    • At-Large: Yarek Rivers, Audrey Desnoyers
    • Membership: Christi Steinberg, Kimberly Kendall
    • Events: Laurie Marczak, Shelley Deiner
    • Communications: Michelle Peters, Nancy Trott
    • Outreach: Mark Mazzola, Keith Bubach
    • Fundraising: Yvonne Muench
    • Legislative Affairs: Cynthia Kemp, John Freeman
    • Clubs: Mary Power

    Proposed Budget

    • Courtney reviewed proposed budget
    • Motion to accept 2016-2017 budget as written: Approved

    After School Policy for 2016-2017

    • Would like to know school policy about after school pick-ups.  Can we hear from Greenwood leadership?

    State of the Union

    • Seeing a decrease in volunteers
    • Brainstorm ideas on how to engage volunteers
    • Letter to go out to Greenwood families


    • Laurel Glidewell recognized for years of service. This is her last year.

    Motion to adjourn

    • 7:05 pm