Greenwood Elementary


Communicating with Our Community

Communicate with the Greenwood Elementary Community

There are many ways to communicate and get information about Greenwood Elementary and our community.


KidMail – KidMail refers to printed handouts sent home in your child’s official class folder. You can return items to your teacher or to the school by enclosing them in your folder each morning.

The Star Scoop – a weekly newsletter, available in print and online. Contains specific news about our school as well as info from the principal and staff, and highlights of upcoming events. To submit an article for publication, send it to by Tuesdays at 6 PM.


Facebook Discussion Group – Go to Facebook and search for “Greenwood Elementary Discussion Group” on Facebook, request to join and you’ll be approved shortly. Our most convenient and up-to-date method for communicating with other Greenwood families.

The Source – creating an account on the Seattle School District’s Source website gives you access to your child’s grades, test scores and library and attendance records, as well as allows you to receive community emails that are generated for all Source subscribers.