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Greenwood Health and Science Fair 

Greenwood Elementary Science Fair

This noncompetitive annual event is designed to help Greenwood students explore the scientific method, dig into questions that interest them and foster a deep love of science! Any child in the school can participate, either working alone or in pairs. Parental help is welcome, too!

Each year, science fair applications and an informative newsletter are distributed about 6-8 weeks prior to the fair. There is no fee to enter. Kids are encouraged to formulate a research question and explore it using the scientific method (known as a hypothesis project); or to do research into a topic that interests them and present their findings (known as a report project); or design and make an invention.

The night of the science fair is a fun event for all families at the school, whether your child did a project or not. During the evening event:

  • Food is available for purchase (cash only) from a local restaurant
  • Exciting hands-on exhibits are available for the first hour of the fair for students to play with and explore. Past exhibitors have included the Pacific Science Center, the Cascade Bicycle Club, the Ballard Robotics Club, and Mad Science.
  • Volunteer judges, many who work in scientific fields in the local community, are present the night of the science fair to provide feedback and encouragement on student projects.

Good resources for science fair projects can be found online:

You can also find many books about science experiments for kids at the school or neighborhood library. A few of the local toy and book stores carry some good science experiments too, as well as test tubes, litmus paper, and other items that can help make your projects a reality.

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