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Safety Information


At the beginning of an earthquake, students and staff who are in the buildings should drop, coverand hold. The safest places would be under a desk, table, or against an inner wall for protectionfrom falling plaster, light fixtures or other heavy overhead objects. Students and adults should keepaway from windows, file cabinets, and book shelves.

Reverse Evacuation
A Reverse Evacuation is defined as the process for moving students/staff indoors quickly. Somereasons for Reverse Evacuation include gunshots, drive by shooting, school is notified by lawenforcement that an armed individual may be in the area.

Shelter-in Place
Shelter-in-Place is the process of keeping students and staff safe from dangers within the community.Schools would Shelter-in-Place in events such as a hazardous material incident, radiation incident,snowstorm, vague threats, or violence in the community that is not directed at the school.ACADEMICS ARE ONGOING.

A Lockdown is the process of protecting students and staff from external and internal dangers. A Lockdown is used when the potential for violence within the campus exists, usually during a red alert status, and potentially during an orange alert status.