Greenwood Elementary

Student Life

Student Activities

There are many fun, enriching opportunities for your student to get involved outside the classroom at Greenwood Elementary. Just a few of our many student activities include:

  • After School Clubs – we offer a broad variety of clubs before and after school for all grades.
  • Drama Club – the Drama Club puts on two performance per year. Auditions are open to all students.
  • Garden Club – our school garden (on the western end of the front yard) offers many great opportunities for year-round involvement!
  • Science Fair – Each spring, students have the option to participate in a non-competitive science fair by developing a project, creating a poster for it and presenting it to students and families at the school.
  • Musical Theater Club – the Musical Theater Club rehearses for two quarters and puts on a show each spring.
  • Move-And-Groove-A-Thon – each year, students participate in a fun, outdoor Jog-a-Thon to help raise funds for the school and have the opportunity to win great prizes for both their fundraising efforts and their performance on the field.
  • Literacy Night – a night of raffles, games, free book giveaways and other fun for the students and their families.
  • Music and Dance Concerts – the school has vocal and instrumental music programs, as well as bringing in a dance instructor during the winter quarter. Students take part in a winter concert, spring concert and winter dance performance.
  • Field Day – in June, students have the opportunity to participate in a Field Day extravaganza full of fun games, races and feats of strength.
  • Planet Greenwood – Planet Greenwood is a celebration of the diversity at our school and in our neighborhood through art, books and food. Kids taste food, look at art from other cultures and locate their family’s heritage location on maps.
  • Movie Nights – The PTA sponsors a movie night each year in which kids are invited to come in their PJs, lounge in the gym with their families and friends and eat popcorn while watching a family-friendly movie.