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Greenwood ~ Attendance

Argiriou, Kenzie

2nd Grade Teacher

Avery, Timothy

PE Teacher

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Barajas, Lisa

Teacher - ELL

Barduson, Chelsea

School Psychologist
Megan Borgeson

Borgeson, Megan

5th GradeTeacher
K Byers
Justine Cody

Cody, Justine

1st/2nd Grade Teacher

I love teaching because I have the opportunity to make life long friendships and I get to learn along side the beat teachers of all, Kids!

Jason Cooper

Cooper, Jason

5th Grade Teacher

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Jennifer Cooper

Cooper, Jennifer

Access Teacher

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Naomi Forsberg

Forsberg, Naomi

Speech-Language Pathologist

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Hannah Hoose

Hoose, Hannah

1st Grade Teacher


Welcome to Greenwood! I love teaching first grade, waterslides, reading, dancing, playing piano, theater, animals, vegan food, and Disneyland.

Darryl James

James, Darryl

Counselor & 504 Building Coordinator, Homeless Program/McKinney Vento Program Building contact

Johnson, Kerri

Kindergarten Teacher
Kenley Jones

Jones, Kenley

Art Teacher

Landback, Jill

Teacher - Developmental Preschool
Dianna Langwell

Langwell, Dianna

Culinary Manager
Alice Lessard

Lessard, Alice

Office Assistant
Danielle Marley

Marley, Danielle

4th Grade Teacher


I teach literacy, social studies, and social emotional learning to fourth graders! I love to read, write, and EXPLORE. I'm lucky to have a black cat named Belle who loves to snuggle!