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Greenwood ~ Attendance

Barduson, Chelsea

School Psychologist
Jeanne Bastasch

Bastasch, Jeanne

Therese Birkhauser

Birkhauser, Therese

Kindergarten Teacher & 504/MTSS Building Coordinator

Personal Message

Hello Families! My name is Ms. Tre and I have worn many different hats here at our lovely school in the past 7 years, including student advocacy and special education roles. This year I am so excited to be teaching an amazing group of kindergartners! I also support families with the 504 process and special education referrals.  I am passionate about helping young children develop the social and emotional skills to grow into compassionate, aware, resilient, and self-actualized people.  

K Byers

Byers, K

Sound Partners Tutor
Justine Cody

Cody, Justine

2nd Grade Teacher

I love teaching because I have the opportunity to make life long friendships and I get to learn along side the beat teachers of all, Kids!

Jason Cooper

Cooper, Jason

5th Grade Teacher

Personal Message

Hannah Hoose

Hoose, Hannah



Welcome to Greenwood! I love teaching first grade, waterslides, reading, dancing, playing piano, theater, animals, vegan food, and Disneyland.

Johnson, Janet

Sound Partners Tutor

Johnson, Kerri

Kindergarten Teacher

Joichi, Jean

Sound Partners Tutor
Kenley Jones

Jones, Kenley

Art Teacher
Dianna Langwell

Langwell, Dianna

Bulk Satellite Mgr. Under 300
Alice Lessard
Todd Lommers

Lommers, Todd